NP, Inc. is a mortgage company with a 24 year history of helping people become new home owners and refinancing others into a better financial situation. Serving clients needs is the core of our business. This basic principle of putting “the client first” is the reason we close loans based upon relationships, not leads. NP, Inc is not your typical mortgage company…and our clients appreciate that.

Over the last 5 years NP, Inc. has expanded beyond our Florida Headquarters and is currently licensed in 37 states. With nearly 40 branches, 13 Underwriters, 18 Processors and 15 Loan Originator Assistant’s, our business model is exciting to other mortgage professionals looking for a strong company to call “Home”. Couple that with the fact that we offer just about every type of loan available, our clients end up with the best financing to fit their specific needs. This gives NP, Inc. the ability to say “yes” more often than most mortgage companies. Our clients continually express their gratitude for our help in securing a loan for their new home or refinancing their existing mortgage after being disappointed by their previous lender’s loan approval process. The other company simply couldn’t get the done.

Another part of NP, Inc.’s success is our staff: both Sales and Operations. Our Sales team is made up of seasoned mortgage professionals that bring in business from relationships with Realtors, Builders, past clients and referrals. Our Operations team is made up of individuals with an average of 8 years of experience in the industry and many of them have been in the mortgage industry for 15 or more years.

NP, Inc. is committed to continue on a path of national growth. We are in the process of adding additional state licenses, expanding our Operations team, bringing in new technology to streamline the loan process and connecting with other companies that are industry leaders who will work with us to assist in selling loans on the secondary market. More efficiency means better pricing for our clients

As part of our growth strategy, NP, Inc. purchased an additional 6,000 sq. ft. of office space to add to the 6,000 sq. ft. already owned. Our intent is to enlarge and improve back-end operations as we add additional branch locations.  As a result of our reputation in the industry and the relationships many  in our management team  have with other mortgage professionals around the country, we are continually approached by Independent mortgage offices  interested in joining in our expansion and growth. Our goal is to focus on bringing in other Mortgage Professionals that practice our “client first” mentality.

2020 has been very exciting for NP, Inc. We are equally excited about our plans for  2021 and feel confident that the groundwork we have laid, as well as ongoing improvements to our processes, will lead to substantial growth with minimal growing pains. NP, Inc. is 100% ready to take the next step towards becoming a national presence in the mortgage industry.


I have been serving borrowers in Florida and other states for 24 years. I am so proud to be creating a company whose purpose is to offer our customers both a competitive price combined with a commitment to service. The USMTG Family is growing, but not forgetting what made us who we are today and how we got to be where we are. We thank you for each opportunity you have given us and for each referral we served because of that referral. We appreciate and welcome your input, and I will accept your emails or calls whenever I can help to make sure your experience is pleasant and successful.


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